The players

This is the list containing all registered players. People in the ‘subs’ team are without a team. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with each other to form a team!

The Players

lbyAnwyraBeauty and the Beasts22
AvatarMax2015The Cereal Killers75
nedBanganimatorHigh Five!53
BeerbrawlerBeauty and the Beasts26
nedBonnieBarkoBonnie’s Angels80
croBrajsonbolThe Masca Brothers0
DanubianKnightThe Avengers47
nedDeathWishPThe Avengers81
gbrDwezzakenBonnie’s Angels0
gbrEdwardmackemBeauty and the Beasts0
mexEl-Masca-BrownThe Masca Brothers0
belFeDoR_724Cereal Duo47
FlashzanderThe Cereal Killers152
fraFreddySTONE-32Close Quarter Combat players21
IORI-_-90The Avengers80
Luisbella89Beauty and the Beasts50
ausMajjEstYBeauty and the Beasts0
walMrs_xamondoBonnie’s Angels78
walMunkeeboi861Bonnie’s Angels117
sweNAKATA-ALI-10The Avengers110
Noobz771Beauty and the Beasts0
porOnunmachadoHigh Five!30
usaPhishhawkBeauty and the Beasts18
Ptar64The Cereal Killers93
RacedriverTimThe Cereal Killers30
lbyRaouf-lyThe Scary Scousers0
nzlSamoan_SasquatchThe Cereal Killers0
Serugojj34The Avengers57
gbrSkartisueBonnie’s Angels52
TRDHRDRBeauty and the Beasts16
ZumeniThe Avengers11
jhutsell1234Close Quarter Combat players36
usajrELDIABLOBonnie’s Angels45
ladyluna89Beauty and the Beasts25
walmrxamondoThe Cereal Killers157