League rules


To the Worlds FIRST competetive Hardware Rivals super league created for the fans by the fans. Although HWR hasn’t been a massively popular game, since its release it has seen small group of die hard players from all over the world form a growing community (The HWR New Dawn community) on the playstation network where some fierce rivalry, insane action and great teamwork no other game can offer has taken place over the years since its realease as a sequel to Hardware Online Arena H.O.A.
HWRfanatics.com is a place where Rivals can find a team and compete in the league for that pretigious position. Can your team battle your way to that number one spot?

How The League Works

This 2018 season will be capture the flag (CTF) and the season will be split into two halves so each team will play every other team twice. Every team will consist of 2 players of any combination, tanks or jeeps(F.A.V.s).

Points are at stake and it’s better to play the match than to forfeit. We chose this mode as it’s the most strategic mode and makes for some really exciting close games but other seasons could be team deathmatch (TDM) or other game modes such as team elimination.

Once all teams have been entered into the league battle will commence! Each match will consist of 2 games, one game at home and one game away. A home match means the home team chooses the map and hosts the game (the player with the fastest connection on the home team hosts). Both home and away games are played on the same day/time resulting in a win, lose or draw.


The winning team will be awarded 3 points and the losing team 0 points, for a draw both teams are awarded 1 point. All flag captures are recorded on the league table.

As soon as the matches have been played both team captains MUST save the screenshots of the games and send them to either mrxamondo or mrs_xamondo where the scores can then be verified and updated onto the league table, after the season gets started admin accounts may be added for team captains and possibly players too where scores and fixtures can be updated. For submitting scores you can use this email-address also: league@hwrfanatics.com

League administration (for the captains)

Fixtures and Arranging Matches

We are fully aware of the issues in creating a HWR superleague, such things include time zones as players from all over the world love to rail gun someone in the face! So plenty of patience from all teams is required to allow all teams to play their matches, however the season must come to and end so there will be a start and an end date to each season.

The first season will be played in two season halves. You play each team once every season half. So with 5 teams competing you will play 8 matches over a period of 4 weeks.

Every sunday we tell the team captains which 2 teams they have to play against that week, but you can also check that on the fixtures calendar. You play 2 games against each team so the result can be a win, lose or a draw.

Team captains have to get together to schedule the matches in that week. When you have scheduled a date/time let us know and we will put it on the fixtures agenda. The deadline for each match is also on the fixtures calendar.

Forfeits/No Shows

You have to play a match with 3 or 4 players. If you appear with less players then that on a matchday this will be seen as a forfeit.

In case of a no show you forfeit.

Forfeiting means 0 points to the team that does not show up and 3 points to the team that shows up.

Match settings

Each match is capture the flag.
Score limit is 30
Time limit is 10 minutes
Friendly fire off

Submitting game results

We want the following after each match:
– Screenshots of the match results
– Names of the maps you’ve played
– Match videos

All rules and game modes are subject to change, any ideas or objections to the rules lets us know and we can sort any problems out as they arise in the future 🙂

Good luck Generals!! See you on the battlefield!


You are given accounts on the website. Use them to edit your team/player pages. We are still testing this functionality so you’ll be our crashtest-dummies 🙂

Things you can do on the website:
– Change the description and logo of the team
– Load players avatars on the players pages
– Fill in players country of residence
– Select the vehicle each player will play with

When you logon you’ll see that you can do some things like on Facebook and Google+ etc. You can upload avatars/photos, make friends, chat with eachother, tag eachothers (also in photo’s).

There is also a forum that you can use like a normal forum. You can make groups and even subforums.