The Building Process

This website is running on  WordPress and the paid version of the Sportspress Pro plugin. The basic website went live after an afternoon of great teamwork between mrs_xamondo (league initiator, team info), mrxamondo (being awesome and keeping an eye on Munkeeboi)  and BonnieBarko (installation, technical bits and visuals).

HWR Fanatics is in no way affiliated with Sony. Any neccessary investments have been made by BonnieBarko (aka Banganimator) and from now on it is for and maintained by the HWR community. We thank the makers of Sportspress Pro for their wonderfull plugin.

‘Today is a good day to die in Hardware Rivals.’

Discussions and sharing of ideas will be done in the Hardware Rivals – New Dawn community, which is being moderated by Eliptic-1, Dragon_xx_Knight and FeDoR-724. Because we all have our daily lives we need help from everybody. If you think you can help in any way (website administration, writing content, editing video’s, making visuals), please let us know.


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