We are looking for your help to make the Hardware Rivals documentary happen!

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    Bonnie Barko

    Hi everybody!

    Yes, we’re seriously thinking about making a documentary about Hardware Rivals. We’ve been thinking about this for a few months and this summer we’ve got the time to think it out. There’s a lot to prepare, discuss and collect to get this thing going. That’s why we ask for your support.

    You can help us with information about the game, it’s history (we plan to start with HOA) and ofcourse the players/community. We will ask you for footage (screenshots, video’s, audio, etc etc) that would be helpfull in making the documentary. That also means we would like to interview you.

    With all this information we will choose the main theme/story and start building the structure, the story-arc, etc until we can make our script, production-plan and financing-plan. That’s all pre-production.

    The second step will be production. This means filming, selecting footage you offered and doing the real interviews. Yes, if possible, we want you to be in the documentary. We want to hear your voice!

    The third step is post-production. Editing, voice-overs, soundtrack, etc.

    A project like this can take a year so you all have to be patient. And ofcourse we still don’t know if we can make it at all. We all have our busy jobs and private lives, but hopefully together we can do it. Our studio has the knowledge and gear for filming, audio-recording and editing, but without your support we can’t do it.

    This forum will be the main place for discussing the project and to keep you all up-to-date with the progress.

    To use the forum you have to register yourself on the registration page with your email-address and a username. Please make this username the same as your PSN profile name you use for Hardware Rivals (some people have several 🙂 )

    Happy hunting,

    @bonniebarko (aka @banganimator)

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