Author: Vera

Documentary update 7 – Carrying stuff (by Vera)

Cases full of film or light stands and bags full of cameras, lenses, microphones and cables.

Sjoerd Banga and I travel for a week through Ireland and England with 30 kilos of luggage each. Now I hear you thinking “30 kilos!”. Yes, 30 kilos. We each have a large suitcase weighing 20 kilos and a backpack of another 10 kilos, and no these are not all clothes. Continue reading “Documentary update 7 – Carrying stuff (by Vera)”

Documentary Update 5 – We’re off to Ireland, then England! (by Vera)

In early February Sjoerd and I will cross the North Sea together to do some filming for a documentary. This fantastic documentary is about the passion for playing and building video games, and about one game in particular. Hardware Rivals!

Because we would like to make more documentaries, Sjoerd and I decided to make a documentary about a subject that is close to us each.

Continue reading “Documentary Update 5 – We’re off to Ireland, then England! (by Vera)”