About HWR Fanatics

Presenting HWR Fanatics

HWR Fanatics is here to keep the Hardware Rivals game and community alive. The fan-organized competition that originated in the HWR New Dawn community fueled the love for the game and we hope to pick it up and keep it alive.

First there is the HWR League. Teams and players can be registered. Match results and player statistics are collected. We ask players to send their Avatar so it will be the same on the website. Team logo’s/avatars are also very welcome. A video can be attached to every match, so record it, upload it to YouTube and attach it to the match. For each team we need a captain who will get a user-id to logon to this website and upload the team/player-info and the match results. For each match 1 team captain can enter the results an have it been checked by the captain of the other team. To be safe, make screen captures of the match results. .

The league is for everybody, so if you think you are not as good as the legendary generals, don’t let that keep you from signing up with your team, because it’s all about the passion for the game. Competing for 1st or for 8th place can be equally exciting and it’s for the exhiliration that we play. The cream of the crop have their great matches, but us mortals have our own epic battles (and drinks afterwards 🙂 ) which we will share with our children and grandchildren in the future.

What's next?

After we get the technical bits of the league system working we hope to give players access to the website and let them be able to admin their own player page.
When we get that going the possibilities are many….. Photo and video galleries, tutorials for new players, forums, socializing the website (make it work like Facebook, Google+, etc), different leagues (promotion/degradation), special tournaments.
But for now, we all know Hardware Rivals is far from a perfect game yet is a bloody blast to play. Let’s rumble!